The trusted advisor

Summary: In order to become a trusted advisor to your clients you need to address both rational and emotional factors to move from a service provider to an expert to a trusted advisor


  • Work is always a duet of client/consultant and rational/emotional
  • Show don’t tell and put yourself in their shoes when you do have to tell (“If it were you….”) and adapt to their style
  • Trust = (credibility + reliability + intimacy) / self-orientation
  • New business costs 4 – 7x as much as extending existing business
  • Types of clients: Just the facts, I’ll handle that, You’re the expert, I’ll get back to you, Let’s go through this again, My enemy’s enemy is my friend, Just like, come up with something, You don’t understands, Oh by the way…
  • Strategies for current clients: For current clients: Involve them in the process, create more useful report, hold more productive meetings, keep them in the loo, tell the truth, even when undesirable, love your work, ake answers more than content

Discussion Takeaways:

  • Best way to sell is by serving
  • Build up credibility, reliability, and intimacy in small steps
  • Your job is to be helpful, not to be right
  • Reflective listening, feeding back what we’ve heard – the experience of having been listened to… Using language of interest and concern
  • Professionalism as separation from client undermines trust, as does taking all the blame/credit